D LOCK Innovative Security System
A unique vault for the car’s computer, for prevention of vehicle-theft.

75% of thefts are carried out
via vehicle computer access.

This unbearable easiness of vehicle break-ins requires
an appropriate solution.
A thief who knows the structure of the electrical systems
designed to prevent car theft needs only sufficient access
to said system – from there, disabling the car is easy.
The thief, in effect, replaces the original car computer with
a pre-prepared key-compatible computer.
Consequently, the vehicle is stolen in less than 60 seconds!

About Us

D-Lock was established to address the burning issue
of vehicle theft. D-LOCK operations in cooperation with
leasing companies, insurance companies and the world’s
leading vehicle manufacturers has assist D-Lock, who
boasts the best minds in the field, in developing the world’s
leading security system. Extensive knowledge and long-term
experience has enabled  D-Lock, through a process of many years,
to develop a system that provides a comprehensive solution to this problem.

Assemble and go

D-Lock manufactures the vaults using new, patented technology,
optimized for all types of vehicles. The vault is made of a unique
aluminum unit, produced to fit the vehicle computer like a glove,
encased with double-screws so as to significantly reduce the
possibility of being cracked open. The aluminum helps in spreading
the heat of the vehicle’s computer, thus extending its life.

The D-Lock defense system is approved by all the insurance
companies in Israel. Installation of the protection system is the
fastest and easiest in the field – within 7 minutes!


Who needs the dlock security system?

Vehicles come equipped with the original immobilizer system, made by the manufacturer. The system is located in the vehicle computer and operates via internal communication between the computer and the vehicle key, which has a chip with an identifying code. All a thief has to do is replace the original vehicle computer with a hacked one that does not require a matching ID code, and he is free to drive away.

How does the security system of the D-Lock operate?

The security system is a unique and innovative vault installed on the vehicle computer, preventing thief access while protecting manufacturer anti-theft mechanism. Intruders cannot replace the vehicle computer, cannot complete the act of theft.

System Benefits

It is very difficult, if not impossible to break into the vault in open area. You can try if you like.

Fastest installation in the business: Within 7 minutes! Fast, simple, easy installation.

The vault covers about 10% of the vehicle’s computer, while maintaining good working order and cooling mechanism.

Already installed in thousands of vehicles.

Dedicated production for all vehicle models. Fits like a glove.

Unique manufacturing technology, protected by patent.


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